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6 Tips You should know before Summer 2019 at Camp!

Mississauga Summer Camp, Little Champ Camp

At Little Champ Camp we want every camper and parent to be prepared for the experience of a lifetime this Summer! We know Summer camp can be scary for a new camper and we understand it is an adjustment that takes patience and support. At Little Champ Camp we consistently take the steps needed to support all campers and parents through this process. Here are some great tips you should know before you start with us:

  1. Get ready for some Serious FUN

  2. Prepare your child - New campers can see camp as scary, sometimes. We will send out an information package with your campers counselors and CIT a week prior to start date.

  3. Sign up for more weeks and SAVE! Check out our Fees & Dates page for more details.

  4. Tell a friend and SAVE!

  5. Choose any of the Camp Programs - you are able to choose different programs for different weeks.

  6. Add us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We give daily updates there!

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