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Activity 1: Activity Roulette

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Activity Roulette


4 Ziplock Bags or 4 Jars with white stickers


Popsicle sticks (as many as you would like)

Description: Designate 1 ziplock bag/jars each to these suggested four areas - Get creative by decorating the ziplock bag to match the theme!

Let's Move! Get Creative! Good Deeds! Positive Self!

Now, we can grab the popsicle sticks and start writing activities to match the ziplock bag area. Here are a few ideas we came up with:

Let's Move!

Do 20 jumping jacks

Do 20 push-ups

Turn on music and dance, dance, dance

Hide and go seek with mom, dad, sibling, or pet

Plank for 60 seconds

Get Creative! (these crafts can be googled for exact instructions)

Finger puppets with origami

Bug ringsFlower power with construction paper

Toilet paper roll frog

Storybook - write your own story with pictures

Good Deeds!

Help clean all the dishes after a meal

Help your sibling, mom or dad with a goal for the day - they choose

Make a card for mom or dad about something you love about them

Help dust the house

Positive Self!

Write 10 things you love about yourself

Write 5 goals you have for this week

Write 10 things you love about your family

Write 10 things you love about your life

Write 10 things that make you happy

Now, whenever you get bored, go to your Activity Roulette areas and choose one! Once the activity is complete, put it aside and choose from the next area! Choose as many as you want in one day, or spread it throughout the week!

These are suggestions and can be simplified or expanded based on age group and likes!

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