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Activity 2: Puppet Show Fun!

Puppet Show


    • Brown paper bag

    • Glue

    • Construction paper

    • Scissors

    • Markers

    • Any materials you have at home to use!

Activity 1: Use all of the materials to make a puppet that you want! It can be animals, people, monsters, imaginary friends, whatever you want! You can cut out construction pieces to glue on to the puppet, paint the puppet areas on, use markers, or googly eye. Use the materials you have at home and use all your imagination. Here are some great examples of some puppets:

Activity 2: While your puppets are drying, start thinking of a storyline for your puppet show! Talk to your sibling or mom and dad to think of who the puppets are and what they are going to do in your story! What are their names? Are they happy? Funny? Excited? Goofy? How do they talk? How do they get to one place to another? Do they walk, jump, skip, or fly?

Activity 3: Once your puppets are dry and you have decided on a story, find a place to present it! It can be a table, a bench, a couch, use your imagination! Now it's presentation time! You can create as many stories as you want and change characters every time!

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