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Would You Like Your Child to Learn What it Takes to Develop an Attitude of a Champion?

Come to Little Champ Camp and see Your Child Flourish!

The importance of play-based learning:


We understand the profound significance of play-based learning in nurturing a child's growth and development. Little Champ Camp is dedicated to creating a space where children can explore, expand their horizons, and engage in daily activities that are centered around the joy of play. Recognizing that children are constantly evolving, we seize the opportunity to tailor our support based on their unique interests and needs.

Our commitment goes beyond providing a safe and nurturing environment; we strive to create a developmentally appropriate setting that fosters social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. Little Champ Camp is a place where each child's journey is uniquely nurtured.

We also place immense value on parental involvement in our program. We actively seek open and daily communication among Counsellors, the Camp Director, and Parents. This collaborative approach ensures that we consistently enhance our techniques and strategies as a united team, dedicated to providing quality care and enriching experiences for all the children in our care. Join us on this exciting journey of learning through play at Little Champ Camp!


Some great reasons to come to Little Champ Camp:


  • Outdoor Play all-day 

  • Away from technology and screen time

  • Swimming daily

  • Play & Interest-based scheduling 

  • Small ratios

Summer Camp Mississauga

Little Champ Camp, where we are committed to fostering a secure, inclusive, and developmentally appropriate learning haven for all children.


Our organizational focus is on creating a stimulating environment that encapsulates enriching educational experiences.

Program Philosophy:

At Little Champ Camp, we stand by a set of core beliefs:

  1. Critical Development Years: We recognize the formative years of 0-12 as a crucial period in a child's life, during which their brains absorb a wealth of information.

  2. Value of Every Child: We deeply believe in the intrinsic value and importance of each individual child.

  3. Social and Emotional Growth: We emphasize that children flourish socially and emotionally through rewarding relationships, rooted in mutual respect.

  4. Tools for Learning: We view problem-solving, experimentation, and exploration as essential tools for children's learning within a safe and inclusive environment.


Our commitment to these principles ensures that every child at Little Champ Camp experiences a nurturing environment that not only prioritizes their safety but also encourages their holistic development. Join us in creating a foundation for a lifelong love of learning!

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