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Westacres Little Champ Camp

Discover the vibrant heart of the Applewood Community at Westacres Little Champ Camp! Nestled in a location that is both inclusive and embraces the natural joys of summer, our camp provides an ideal setting for endless adventures.

At Little Champ Camp, our programs are designed to create an environment where campers can learn, practice, and conquer new challenges. Throughout July and August, we offer exciting adventure and multi-sports summer camps that cater to all skill levels. There's something for everyone in our diverse and enriching programs. Join us for a summer filled with exploration, growth, and fun!

Adventure Program



AGES 4-6



AGES 6-9



AGES 9-12

Multi-Sports Program



AGES 6-9



AGES 9-12

What's So Special?

At Little Champ Camp, our focus is on instilling champion attitudes that endure a lifetime. How do we achieve this? It's a straightforward approach built on three fundamental skills:

  1. Goal Setting: We kick off by teaching campers the art of setting achievable goals, providing a roadmap for success, such as conquering the deep-end test.

  2. Positive Communication: Building unstoppable confidence begins with positive communication, both about ourselves and others. This foundational skill permeates all our activities, creating a supportive environment.

  3. Teamwork and Friendship: Emphasizing teamwork and fostering friendships is key, whether it's collaborating to solve an activity challenge or cheering on a fellow camper in a game. Our fun and energetic approach ensures these values resonate throughout our campers' daily experiences.


Join us for a summer where champion attitudes are cultivated, potentials are realized, and tons of fun is had along the way!

Goal Setting



2067 Stanfield Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Y 1R4

Parents will be notified by email.

Rainy Day / Extreme Weather

Check out our Special Guest throughout the Summer

Kiss & Ride

We are implementing a Kiss & Ride system to adhere to the community and rules implemented by the City of Mississauga

Summer Camp Mississauga


Little Champ Camp has created magical summer memories for my daughter, helped her learn to swim, and helped her conquer her shyness. I can't thank you enough for all your dedication and positivity!

- Jessica, Parent

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