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East Mississauga Location:

Address: 1975 Orr Rd.


Please park on the road

Clarkson Little Champ Camp

Welcome to the heart of the Clarkson Community, where Clarkson Little Champ Camp is nestled. Our location is more than just inclusive; it captures the essence of summer's natural joys, creating an ideal space for our campers.

At Little Champ Camp, our programs are meticulously crafted to offer an environment where campers can learn, practice, and conquer new challenges. With two different locations across the GTA, we extend our reach to provide exciting adventure and multi-sports summer camps throughout July and August. Whether you're a novice or seasoned, all skill levels are welcome at our programs. There's something uniquely enriching for everyone in our diverse offerings. Join us for a summer filled with exploration, growth, and fun!

Adventure Program







Multi-Sports Program




What's So Special?

Unlocking champion attitudes that last a lifetime is at the core of Little Champ Camp's mission. Wondering how we make this happen? It's a journey guided by three essential skills:

  1. Goal Setting Mastery: Our camp begins by imparting the invaluable skill of setting and achieving goals. From conquering the deep-end test to any personal milestone, we equip campers with a clear plan of steps.

  2. Positive Communication Prowess: Building unstoppable confidence is fostered through positive communication, both about ourselves and others. This foundational skill becomes a guiding force, amplifying self-assurance in all activities.

  3. Teamwork and Friendship Flourish: Emphasizing teamwork and fostering friendships is integral to our approach. Whether collaboratively solving an activity challenge or cheering on a fellow camper in a game, we cultivate a sense of unity. Our infectious fun and energetic attitudes ensure these values resonate throughout the daily programming of our campers.


Join us for a transformative summer where potentials are realized, goals are achieved, and tons of fun is woven into every experience!

Goal Setting



1575 Clarkson Rd N, Mississauga, ON L5J 2X1

Parents will be notified via email.

Rainy Day / Extreme Weather

Check out our Special Guest throughout the Summer


My granddaughter did summer camp 2018 and loved it! Lots of activities, pool fun. Counselors are excellent

- Jan, Grandparent

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