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Why Little Champ Camp is the Summer Camp of 2019!

Get ready for some serious fun this summer, because Little Champ Camp is officially open for business!

At Little Champ Camp we provide rewarding programming that is specifically designed to develop better emotional skills and self - confidence. We believe that all children can accomplish anything they set their minds to and we teach the skills that make this possible. Within our Adventure Camp and Multi-Sports Camp, we have created a curriculum that allows each and every child to create goals, learn new emotional skills such as confidence and self-love, challenge their mind, and ultimately develop a champion attitude in all that they do.

Mississauga Summer Camp, Little Champ Camp

We believe working on encompassing a champion attitude will better prepare the camper for the future. In the News, we see children being affected by bullying and not feeling confident with who they are taking out acts that are unspeakable. Children are faced with pressure from social media, bullies, unrealistic body wants and expectations, school, and themselves. Our goal is to demolish these outside factors and bring back the camper into developing ones own happy life. Some of the things we teach our campers is how to set short term and long term goals; this will develop the campers motivation as well as self confidence when successfully completing a goal. We provide consistent positive reinforcement and encourage all campers to use the same form of language throughout their stay; this will create a consistent positive attitude, develop positive and supportive language, increase campers happiness and motivation. All curriculum has been created by an Early Childhood Educator who has extensive knowledge of emotional intelligence in childhood.

Our activities are not only fun and developmentally appropriate but they allow group play, developing team work, and consistent activities or games to be played! We will have special guests come throughout the summer that will demonstrate with their motivational stories and activities on how to achieve ones goals! Trust me, you do not want to miss them!

We hope to see you this summer and start the journey in becoming a champion!

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